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Ultimate Interior Cleaner - 500ml

Ultimate Interior Cleaner - 500ml

  • $3450

Fireball Ultimate Interior Cleaner will be your best choice to clean and remove stains on Leather Seats and Plastic. It has a powerful formula and yet gentle enough to be used on most interior surfaces. This formula is unique in that you can apply a spray or two onto the Fireball All Propose Pad and work the product into the surface then wipe clean with a fresh micro fiber towel to leave the surface spotless!

Features & Benefits:

  • Safely deep clean all leather and interior plastic
  • No dyes and maintains original factory sheen and colour
  • Easy to use and no rinse required
  • Effective on tough stains
  • Gentle lift up dirt and remove body oil on leather

After cleaning with Ultimate Interior Cleaner do allow your leather surfaces to dry thoroughly than protect it with Fireball Ultimate Leather Wax for low-gloss, dry, and rich finish that provides UV protection.

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