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Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax (Red Satin)

Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax (Red Satin)

  • $4850

Features & Benifits

Available in 500ml bottles.

Provides a satin-look finish for tyres.
Durable – lasts weeks, not days.
Repels dirty water, keeping tyres looking cleaner for longer.
Easy to use, spray on formulation.
Supplied with spray trigger & applicator.
Satin Tyre Dressing for Hard-Working Tyres.

When detailing a car, the overall look is not truly finished until each surface has been washed and protected.
Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating (Red) provides a natural satin finish that repels dirt and water for a long-lasting sheen.
If a Matt finish is preferred, use Ultimate Tyre Coating (Blue).

Product is supplied with Spray Trigger and Foam Applicator.

Directions for Use

Spray onto applicator (supplied).
Apply to tyres.

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