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Fireball Ultimate Iron Burn

Fireball Ultimate Iron Burn

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Features & Benefits

Available in 1,000ml bottles.

Spray-on iron contamination remover.
Shrinks ferrous and brake dust particles, causing them to break their bond with substrate.
Particles can be easily rinsed away without the need for scrubbing at the paintwork.
Colour-change function highlights areas of contamination.
Safe for use on wheels & bodywork.
Supplied with trigger spray on 1,000ml bottles..

Brake pads shred when brakes are applied, causing tiny hot, sharp iron particles to become airborne. These particles attach to the nearest substrate and instantly bond.
As they oxidise they swell and left in situ may cause permanent pitting on the substrate surface. Iron contamination should therefore be removed on a regular basis to avoid unsightly and damaging build-up.
Ultimate Iron Burn is a spray on solution designed to shrink the iron particles, breaking their bond with the underlying substrate and allowing them to be freely rinsed away. The product changes colour to a deep purple on contact with iron, highlighting the areas of contamination.

Directions for Use

Ensure surface is cool to the touch.
Spray onto the contaminated surface & allow colour to develop (Approx. 1 minute).
Pressure clean or rinse thoroughly with cool, clean water.

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