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Fireball Ultimate Coating wax - 500ml

Fireball Ultimate Coating wax - 500ml

  • $5998

Features & Benefits

Available in 500ml bottles.

Up to 3 months of Hydrophobic protection.
Boost gloss & hydrophobic protection quickly & easily.
Easy to use, spray on formula.
Can be used on its own or to boost existing sealants.
Adds longevity to the life of Nano sealants.
Instantly Add Gloss & Hydrophobic Protection.

The final stage of any detailing process is to protect your hard work, to keep paintwork shiny for as long as possible. Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax can be used as a stand-alone product or to give existing sealant layers a gloss and hydrophobic boost after each wash. Ultimate Coating Wax provides up to 3 months hydrophobic protection.

Supplied with Spray Trigger.

Directions for Use

Spray onto clean dry surface.
Spread using a soft applicator or microfibre towel.
Allow to cure for up to 60 seconds.
Buff with soft, clean microfibre towel.

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