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MOTUL Gear Competition leads the way!

Posted by Jeff Hanson on

When you care about your vehicle, expect the best possible performance or just need the peace of mind that comes with using the best there is - no product will exceed your expectations quite like the Motul Gear Competition range.

Race car, performance car, road car or Harley Davidson ....... Yes, Harley Davidson - Motul Gear Competition 75W140 is the only oil to choose. If you have a Harley Davidson with a separate gearbox, (that is engine, gearbox and primary all separate items) you will find that Motul Gear Competition 75W140 is the answer to your prayers! Smooth engagement, smooth shifting and cooler gearbox temperatures will have your Harley Davidson even more pleasurable to ride!

Call past and grap some today - you will love it!

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