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Premium Pre Wash 500ml

Premium Pre Wash 500ml

  • $2395

BINDER Premium Pre-Wash is designed to remove various contaminants and stubborn dirt from the paintwork prior to washing the vehicle. Pre-Wash is best removed with high pressure water after application without damaging the paintwork of the vehicle.
*This is a highly concentrated formula and we advise diluting with water (optional empty 500ml container available).
1. Dilute the undiluted solution with water at a ratio of 1:30 ~ 1:50 if required (advised as high concentration).
2. Mist spray product evenly over the contaminated paint and bodywork as necessary (agitate if required to assist the softening/ removal of stubborn contaminates).
3. Wash the product thoroughly with high-pressure water following application (recommended not allowing to dry).
Supplied with an application sprayer.
pH 11.5 moderately alkaline.

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