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Premium Pre Wash 1000ml

Premium Pre Wash 1000ml

  • $4844

Binder Premium Neutral Pre-Wash Citrus is a contactless pre-washing product (snow foam) for all types of vehicles (car, motorcycle, quad…). The Neutral Pre-Wash Citrus has the advantage of being usable in both a pressure sprayer for those washing in a washing station and in a foam lance for those who can wash at home.

It is a 2-in-1 product with a neutral pH that can be used on all media (bodywork, varnish, chrome, plastics, rubbers…) as well as on older vehicles that are often more sensitive to chemicals.

The Binder Premium Neutral Pre-Wash Citrus will also be the ideal product for all vehicles that have been protected by a protective wax (natural, synthetic or ceramic).

It will remove dirt safely, thus preparing the car for a proper wash with for example the Binder – Premium Car Shampoo.

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