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Premium Hydrophobic Wax 500ml

Premium Hydrophobic Wax 500ml

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BINDER Premium Hydrophobic Wax is a silica sealant product that contains up to 5% Silicon Dioxide and 2% Quartz. This product provides a water and pollution resistant coating, it will further enhance the gloss and colour of the vehicle’s surface.
1. Be sure to shake the bottle before use.
2. Remove any moisture from the surface of the vehicle prior to using the product.
3. Working with one panel at a time spread the wax evenly with a microfibre towel and wait up to 30 seconds prior to buffing away the residue until shiny with a separate dry microfibre cloth.
Full curing takes around two hours so it is advisable to not let a freshly coated vehicle touch water for at least that amount of time. Lasts up to six weeks.
Supplied with an application sprayer.

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