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Fireball Premium Active Snow Foam

Fireball Premium Active Snow Foam

  • $4698

Features & Benefits

Available in 1,000ml and 100ml bottles.
Forest, Floral, Cherry, Wind or Ice scents.

Non-contact, pre-wash cleaner.
Tough on dirt yet kind to paintwork.
Thick foam lifts larger particles of dirt & grit away from the surface.
Helps prevent accidental swirl marks in paintwork.
Wax & sealant-friendly.

Swirl marks quickly make paintwork look dull and tired. Particles of dirt and grit get caught in the wash mitt and the wiping back and forth motion drags them across the clear-coat, which quickly loses its shine. To prevent this from happening as much dirt and contamination needs to be removed from the car before a wash mitt comes into contact with the paintwork.
Active Snow Foam is applied through a foam lance connected to a pressure washer to create a thick creamy lather that clings to vertical surfaces. As the bubbles expand they lift the larger particles of dirt and grit away from the paintwork. These can then be easily rinsed away before a mitt is used to wash the car.

Directions for Use

Mix between 1:18 - 1:22 for Snow Foam or, 
Mix 1:600 for Shampoo.
Apply Snow Foam with a snow foam lance.
Let foam dwell for 1 to 6 minutes on vehicle.
Before foam dries, pressure wash off.
(Best to use in cool shady conditions)

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